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For Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the Middle East, we offer top-notch HR and payroll software.

Get HR and payroll software that is completely customized to your company's needs. Depending on the editions they select, the HRMS & Payroll software Dubai offer can help customers with all of their fundamental and even complicated company requirements.

Our program is highly adaptable and scalable, enabling efficient management of diverse processes including time and attendance, payroll systems, performance reviews, benefits administration, and applicant and employee tracking. Based in Dubai, UAE, we offer top-notch HR and payroll solutions.

Our Solutions

Features of HR & Payroll Software

Employee Scheduling

Optimize workforce productivity and efficiency with streamlined employee scheduling solutions.

Time Tracking

Accurately monitor and record employee working hours for improved productivity and compliance.

Essential Accounting

Simplify financial management processes with integrated accounting features.

Talent Management

Cultivate a skilled workforce and nurture talent through strategic recruitment and development initiatives.


HR Management Software
Automate Your HR Processes

As the company's foundation, employees are treated well, and the business must keep thorough records of all the information that is crucial to them. The burden of maintaining employee data and crucial documents falls on the HR staff as the workforce grows, making it difficult to provide better service to all of the employees.

As a result, an HR software solution UAE is needed. The answer to this is HRMS software in the UAE.


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HRMS Leave Section

In this area, you can read more about how HRMS enables you to efficiently manage your company's leave schedule. Different holiday lists are created in HRMS and distributed to your staff by your preferences.

There is any number of leave types produced depending on the requirements of your company. Most companies handle vacations based on a leave period that relates to a fiscal year or a calendar year.

  • Efficient Leave Schedule Management
  • Customizable Holiday Lists
  • Flexible Leave Types
  • Aligned Leave Periods

HRMS Modules


HRMS simplifies recruitment campaigns and job postings, streamlining the hiring process. With the HRMS staffing plan, easily track job classifications, positions, availability, and expected costs.


Easily conduct performance assessments with HRMS by creating role-specific appraisal templates. Manage diverse HR processes seamlessly with our top HR and payroll solutions in Dubai, UAE."

Life cycle

Elate HRMS handles the entire employee management cycle from skill mapping to separations. Get fully tailored HR and payroll software that's scalable and adaptable to meet your business needs.


Facilitate seamless internal mobility with HRMS Employee Transfer document, allowing easy recording of staff transfers across sites, divisions, or units. Submit transfer paperwork and update details.


In the HRMS training module, manage training events, programs, outcomes, and feedback seamlessly. Create and schedule training sessions within the system, and collect valuable feedback post-training.

Travel and Expenses

Effortlessly request funds for professional travel with HRMS Travel request. Plus, access advance payments from the business through HRMS employee advance feature.

Payroll Set-up

Payroll management involves managing salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions for employees. The payroll part of the HRMS allows employees to examine their salary information.

In Dubai for 2022, Elate HRMS Software was regarded as the Best HRMS Software for Small Businesses. It remains the best HRMS software in the UAE through 2024.

Efficient Salary Management

Self-Service Salary Access


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Paysheet Management

HRMS simplifies paysheet management, allowing employees to access salary information. It streamlines payroll processing with features like Salary Structure administration and bulk payroll processing, ensuring timely and accurate payments for work done.

  • Components of Paysheet Management
  • Streamlining Payroll Processing
  • Importance of Salary Structures

Payment structure

Payroll software configures payment structures, including earnings, deductions, and periodicity, streamlining salary management. Design salary structures based on timesheets for accurate employee payments.

  • Components of Payment Structure
  • Designing Salary Structures
  • Utilizing Payroll Software

Salary statement

Payroll software creates detailed salary slips for employees, incorporating pay rates and benefits. Generate salary statements based on timesheets and attendance data. HRMS plays a crucial role in company development.

  • Understanding Salary Slips
  • Generating Salary Statements
  • HRMS: A Cornerstone for Company Development

Extra pay

Payroll software offers an Additional Salary tool to adjust employee compensation beyond their regular pay. Before implementation, create employee and salary components. Recurring supplementary salary feature allows users to set Additional Salary for specific durations.

  • Understanding Additional Salary in Payroll Software
  • Configuring Recurring Supplementary Salaries
  • Creating and Managing Employee Salary Components


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When you work with HR Solutions, you get the best. We provide adaptable solutions that allow you to be a part of the entire process

HR Manager

“ Implementing HR Software has revolutionized how we manage our workforce. It's intuitive interface and comprehensive features have made tasks like payroll management and employee tracking a breeze. Highly recommended!”


“ With HR Software, we've streamlined our recruitment process and improved employee engagement. The automated workflows and customizable reporting have saved us countless hours, allowing us to focus more on strategic HR initiatives.”


“ I can't imagine running our HR department without HR Software. The support team is always responsive and helpful, and the software itself is constantly being updated with new features. It's truly been a game-changer for our organization.”

HR Specialist

“ I've used several HR software solutions in the past, but none compare to the simplicity and effectiveness of HR Software. From onboarding new hires to managing performance reviews, it's all-in-one functionality has made my job much easier.”


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